Located in the library at Jakabaring campus, Rector of UIN Raden Fatah Palembang opened the E-learning improvement workshop entitled “Pengembangan Bahan Ajar berbasis Video dan Animasi” (Improving teaching with video and animation based materials) held on March 8th – 10th 2021.

Rector of UIN Raden Fatah Palembang, Prof. Dr. Nyayu Khodijah, M. Si, while opening the workshop, also signed the MoU with the director of SEAMOLEC, Alpha Amirrachman, M.Phil., Ph.D. (8/3)

In his speech, the director of SEAMOLEC, Alpha Amirrachman, M. Phil., Ph.D. hoped that both SEAMOLEC and UIN Raden Fatah would successfully synergize and work together in creating trainings or other workshops. In the era of Covid-19 pandemic, distance learning is needed because it is more effective for lecturers. Many things need to be prepared by the lecturers.  One of them is developing the teaching with video-and-animation-based materials.

Rector, in her opening speech, stated that distance learning has already been held previously and currently after the pandemic hit. The difference was, before the pandemic, our campus suggested our lecturers to have the teaching and learning process through our E-learning platform, and because it was elective, it did not run maximally.

“UIN Raden Fatah needs to have a collaboration with SEAMOLEC to be able to implement the training for lecturers. It is very important for UIN Raden Fatah’s lecturers to join this kind of training to accelerate their capability in teaching-learning process and improve teaching materials,” said Rector of UIN Raden Fatah.

She continued, “In this pandemic era, we are forced to have the distance learning in our teaching and learning process, so that the need of technology, the improvement of teaching application and the development of teaching materials are mostly required as trained by SEAMOLEC team for the last 3 days. We hope that in the future our lecturers who enrolled in the training would gain their knowledge and could transfer it smoothly so that the distance learning can be done in a more effective and efficient way.” (ES&AH)

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