Jakarta, March 2024 – The Malaysian Youth Leadership Seminar (MYLS) took place for three days and two nights (8 until 10 March 2024) at the Malaysian Hall, Jakarta organized by Persatuan Pelajar Malaysia di Indonesia (PKPMI Pusat) in collaboration with the Education Malaysian Indonesia (EMI) embassy, Jakarta.The program was attended by 50 participants (Malaysian students) who were also representatives from each branch throughout Indonesia including PKPMI Cawangan Palembang.

The purpose of the Malaysian Youth Leadership Seminar (MYLS) is to improve mastery, motivation and leadership skills. In addition, the implementation of the program also focuses on strengthening and guiding organizational work as a president, secretaries and treasurers of the PKPMI organization. These focuses are very important to ensure that the objectives of the PKPMI organization in assisting in the welfare, academic and co-curricular matters of Malaysian students are achieved.

The opening ceremony of the MYLS program was officiated by Tuan Yang Terutama (TYT) Dato’ Syed Md Hasrin Bin Tengku Hussin, the Malaysian-Indonesian Ambassador together with all Heads of Departments from the Malaysian Embassy. TYT Dato’ Syed Md. Hasrin gave a motivational speech and profound advice to all participants and program implementers regarding the priority of leadership identity and student readiness in forming a harmonious and competitive society in the future. According to him, “Selain daripada menyelesaikan pengajian di Indonesia mengikut waktu yang telah ditetapkan (Graduate On Time), para pelajar juga perlu meningkatkan general knowledge yang berlaku di persekitaran anda seperti climate change, berita berkaitan Indo Pasifik, ASEAN dan berita yang bersifat global“. He also reminded all participants that Malaysian students are small ambassadors for Malaysia who are also responsible for safeguarding the country’s dignity, building good relations and preserving the unity between Malaysia and Indonesia that has been intertwined for a long time.

The MYLS program that has lasted for three days, two nights with eight slots in total. Four of the eight slots were presented by the guest speaker Dr. Zulfikar Bin Ahmad, Director General of Counseling and Psychotherapy Services Center at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and Mr. Shahril Bin Sabarudin from Chief Executive of Digital Marketing, Educatian Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). Both guest speakers have delivered topics related to mature leadership skills, mental health and critical thinking, conflict and organizational skills and effective communication skills of leaders.

The next four slots were personally delivered by the Ahli Majlis Tertinggi (AMT) PKPMI Pusatled by the President, PKPMI Pusat which is Bro. Daniel Syafiq related to the introduction and role of the Branch PKPMI, the strengthening of the work movement for the secretary and treasurer and a special slot for simulation of the organization’s work movement.

The MYLS program ended with a closing event which was completed by Mr. Zulfadhli Bin Hamzah as Education Attaché, Education Malaysian Indonesia (EMI) who is also the main advisor for the Malaysian Youth Leadership Seminar (MYLS) this year. Next, the participants and all the program implementers are celebrated with a dinner together.

The entire program is not only capable of improving and sharpening the participants’ knowledge and skills in organizing. However, it was also able to establish a good relationship between the participants (representatives from PKPMI Branches throughout Indonesia) with PKPMI Pusat members and all Malaysian government employees from the Malaysia-Indonesia Embassy Office, Jakarta.

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